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Web Access Contact Center Application


  • Available without investment
  • Quick to deploy
  • Scalable
  • Service oriented

LAN Server

  • Can be integrated in your IT environment
  • Customizable
  • Unlimited number of users
  • Long term solution
User interface
Inbound Outbound In/Out
Operator / Supervisor GUI
Uniform, transparent, easy to use interface, both the operators and the supervisors for. The customer's data are in the center.

Administrator GUI
Web interface, which is accessible from anywhere in the network. Grouped in a transparent system configuration includes the functions needed.

Customer GUI
The client has a web interface to track the status of campaigns.


 Base functions Inbound Outbound In/Out
Campaign editor
The individual client's tasks can be organized into different campaigns. The campaigns can be started automatically or manually. The shutdown can be manual, timed or quoted.
Customer's database handler
Individual call lists, databases uploaded to the campaigns from CSV. Different structures and export handling.
Documents management
Manage contracts, bids, templates. During a conversation, the completed documents sent automatically by e-mail.
Dialing rules
Dial periods and rules set for each campaign.
Users's management
Full user and group management, skill settings.
Groups and rules
Authorization levels, pre-defined roles. Per user can be controlled separately for each module access. Read-only treatment options.
Termination code editor
System-wide campaign and termination code management. Individual values are determined for the export.
Script editor
Graphic questionnaire / script editor. Virtual questions and clear management ramifications.
Text messages
Text messaging to users and system operators, supervisors. Online chat.
Scheduled and manual campaign archiving, making backups. Creating an export for customers.


Call functions
Inbound Outbound In/Out
IVR editor
Interactive, voice-driven menu system.
PBX functions
Other VoIP tools management such as phones, ISDN gateways, etc..
Manual dialing
Manual dialing in the operator client.
Power/Predictice dialing
Automatic dialing procedures.

ACD - Automatic Call Distribution
Automatic call allocation, queue management.

SBR - Skills-Based Routing
Call by assignment of knowledge among the operators.
Call Blending
Uniform call distribution, call blending.
Callback handling
Saving callbacks, start callbacks automatically or manually.
Call recording
Conversations recorded.


Lists, statistics, monitors
Inbound Outbound In/Out
Call list (CDR)
Online operators
Actual calls
Outgoing call statistics  
Incoming call statistics  
IVR statistics
Operator's staticstics
Supervisor's statistics


Other functions
Inbound Outbound In/Out
Answering machine
The caller can leave a message if the operator is not available or the call is received outside office hours.
Listening / Teaching
The supervisor can listen to a conversation and can help the operator in conducting a call.
Conference calls
Handling conference calls.
WebService interface
Interface for external programs to communicate.
Out-office work, telework management


  • included
  • optional

User interface

  • Operator / Supervisor
  • Administrator
  • Customer
  • Multilangual solution
  • OS independent

Base functions

  • Campaign manager
  • Database handling
  • Dialing rules
  • User's roles & permissions
  • Termination code editor

Call functions

  • Manual, Power/Prediktív dialer
  • IVR editor
  • PBX functions (ISDN/SMS gateway, etc.)
  • ACD / SBR (Skills-Based Routing)
  • Callback handling, call recording

Statements, controlling

  • Call statistics
  • Operator's / Supervisor's statistics
  • Voice recording
  • Listening / Teaching / Conference
  • Quota system