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Web Access Contact Center Application


  • Available without investment
  • Quick to deploy
  • Scalable
  • Service oriented

LAN Server

  • Can be integrated in your IT environment
  • Customizable
  • Unlimited number of users
  • Long term solution

The application is runnable on any kind of AS, supporting any type of database server. If you expect to install in the existing IT environment, you'll do nothing to prevent this. Thanks to the used technologies and solutions it can run a low-power servers and practical, the modules can be installed on physically different servers . To increas the stability and the security, proper installation of the system is able to operate in clustered and load balanced environment.

Expectations of the most important developments in the technology used for:

  • reliable, stable
  • safe
  • ongoing development of new
  • can be easily expanded
  • available on multiple platforms

Due to these considerations, a system was the result of the development, which can be easily integrated in any IT environment and can be expanded with new modules, with external interfaces.

The admin interface is available with your favorite browser over HTTPS protocol. The operator's client applictaion is a platform-independent software solution. The application server is running on a central server responsible for serving the business logic.


User interface

  • Operator / Supervisor
  • Administrator
  • Customer
  • Multilangual solution
  • OS independent

Base functions

  • Campaign manager
  • Database handling
  • Dialing rules
  • User's roles & permissions
  • Termination code editor

Call functions

  • Manual, Power/Prediktív dialer
  • IVR editor
  • PBX functions (ISDN/SMS gateway, etc.)
  • ACD / SBR (Skills-Based Routing)
  • Callback handling, call recording

Statements, controlling

  • Call statistics
  • Operator's / Supervisor's statistics
  • Voice recording
  • Listening / Teaching / Conference
  • Quota system